For the proper operation of Otthon Centrum’s webpage ( sometimes we need to install on your computer, just like several major websites and internet service providers do, data files called “cookie”.

What are those cookies, actually?

Cookies are small text files, stored by the website on the computer or mobile phone device of users visiting its pages. By using cookies, the webpage records, for a certain time, your operations on the website and your personal settings for the display of the webpage (such as user name, font size and other individual settings). Therefore, you won’t need to specify these settings again, each time when you visit our webpage or if you navigate from a page to another one.

How do we use those cookies?

The webpage of Otthon Centrum ( also applies cookies. Below, we give a detailed description of the purpose and features of the different cookies.

Session cookie (OCHU_SESSION) - Purpose: support to certain functions related to user session on the page.

Google Analytics cookies (starting with ga_) - Purpose: provide anonymous and aggregated information on your activities on the webpage.

Facebook cookies (starting with fbss_) Purpose: necessary for Facebook-related operations and functions (such as login with Facebook identifier)

Enabling these cookies is not necessarily required for the operation of the webpage, however, these cookies substantially enhance the user experience. At your discretion, you can delete or block cookies, but in this case some parts of the site may not function properly.

On the webpage, by using remarketing codes, we track the visits to certain, specific pages in order to be able to provide targeted messages later on for visitors of these pages. Cookies providing remarketing codes can be disabled by visitors of the website, with appropriate settings of the browser they use.

Information stored by the cookies will be never used for your personal identification. Cookies are used exclusively for the purposes described here.

Maintenance of cookies

You have the option to maintain and/or delete the cookies, at your discretion. For information on this issue, please visit the website. You can delete all cookies stored on your computer and you can prohibit their installation through most of the browsers. In this case, however, when you visit the page in question, you’ll need to make certain settings manually, each time, and you ought to be prepared that certain services and functions might not work.

On our website, we use cookies in order to provide you with web services offering enhanced user experience, where these services might be inaccessible to you without these cookies. Further information on this topic can be obtained from section “Use of cookies” in the footer.

Got it!

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